Dear interested party,

We would like to present to you a limited offer of spares for Porsche 356. First of all this shop will be operated as a secondary occupation, therefore our offer will increase a little bit slowly, but it will be permanently enlarged.

You will not at all find any imitated parts, because from our point of view the quality of these spares doesn´t come up to our standard. As we are driving and repairing Porsche 356 ourselves  since 1972, we have a lot of experience, knowledge and ability with this type of car.

Our shop will offer spare parts of high quality including all kinds of small parts which are not available from most of the other providers. You will find the original reference number and further interesting information regarding the product in the detailed presentation. The item category structure is corresponding to the spare parts catalogue of the 356B.

In the future we will offer used and worked up parts as well, furthermore engine parts for Porsche 912, which is finally a development of the 356 SC.

Please read the information "How to place an order" before introducing an order.                     

We are wishing you lots of fun,

The Sandelplan 356 Team.

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